How we help our clients

  • Small Manufacturer’s Report


    This quarterly report describes current economic conditions, general economic sentiment and the short-term outlook for the U.S. small manufacturing sector.  The wide range of report indicators includes actual hiring, capital spending and pricing activity as well as hiring, capital spending and price plans.  Historical data, which for many indicators extends back to the mid-70s, is offered for perspective and analysis.

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  • U.S. Manufacturer’s Forecast


    We offer a two-year forecast of total U.S. manufacturing output growth as well as the growth of all manufacturing, three-digit NAICS level, subsectors. Alternative forecast scenarios are offered to account for risk in the macroeconomic environment.

  • Quarterly Global Economic Outlook Report


    This quarterly report contains NWE’s analysis of the global economy from the manufacturer’s perspective.

    It includes a description of the recent path of global economic growth and key global drivers including the dollar and commodities prices. Recent economic activity in industrialized and developing economies is reviewed. The short-term global outlook, as well as risks to the outlook, are provided.

  • Construction of Leading Indicators for Sales Forecasting


    We build predictive tools which foreshadow changes in the sales path of client’s products and services. 

    We will work with clients in interpreting shifts in their NWE sales indicators and will make adjustments to these indicators on an as-needed basis.

  • Construction of Corporate Productivity Metrics


    At this time of rapid process innovation, fundamental changes in supply chains, and the immense business challenges brought about by the coronavirus, it is more important than ever for manufacturing companies to track the productivity of their enterprise.

    Using our established expertise in the economics of manufacturing productivity, we will create company-level productivity metrics for our clients. New World Economics will assist clients in using these new tools to evaluate the competitiveness of their company.

  • Educating Clients on Economic Data


    As rapid change becomes a reality of business life, it is essential for corporate decision makers to have knowledge of the economic indicators which describe the dynamics of the business environment.

    New World Economics offers a unique service for educating clients about the fundamentals of macroeconomic data. Our basic service includes instruction on the sources, construction, strengths and weaknesses of major economic data series. We will provide guidance on how to graph data and how to use economic data to construct a clear picture of the trends that matter to business decision making. Those who select the more targeted service will receive the basic service in addition to instruction on the data that are specific to their industry sector.

  • Survey Research


    We are pleased to partner with Avar Consulting, Inc. to offer a survey research service.

    The survey research team will work with clients to develop the questionnaire. After the data collection process is complete, we will transmit the results both orally and in a written report.

  • Speaking Service


    Topics that New World Economics will address include the U.S. manufacturing outlook, the global economic outlook, the implications of demographic change, productivity, automation, and frontier markets.

    We offer live presentations as well as webinar services.

  • Cutting-Edge Research on US Manufacturing Dynamics


    We welcome research requests from universities, trade groups, and government entities on all levels.

    New World Economics will generate studies which probe the depths of manufacturing dynamics and manufacturing change.

  • Special Research at Corporate Client Request


    We welcome research requests from manufacturing companies.

    Such requests might include, but are not limited to, analysis of the dynamics of the company’s industry, the impact of one or more government policies, the productivity implications of new technologies, and labor market shifts.

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