Located just outside of the U.S. capital in Arlington, VA, New World Economics LLC is an economic consulting firm that specializes in manufacturing. Our mission is to generate the cutting-edge insights that our clients will need to conquer the challenges and reap the rewards of the global manufacturing landscape.

What Can We Do For You?

Quarterly Outlook Reports

The first report is a detailed forecast of total US manufacturing growth and the growth of US manufacturing subsectors.

The second report is a detailed analysis of the current global economic picture.

The third quarterly report describes current economic conditions, general economic sentiment and the short-term outlook for the U.S. small manufacturing sector.


Speaking Services

We offer the speaking services of company principal Cliff Waldman, a seasoned economist, experienced public speaker, and host of a show on Manufacturing Talk Radio that is now in its third year.


Data-related services

New World Economics offers a wide range of data-related services. We educate corporate decision-makers about the sources and uses of macroeconomic data. We also employ widely-accepted techniques to create new data and indicators. Examples of such techniques and projects include survey research, the development of leading indicators for sales forecasting and the construction of corporate productivity metrics.


Research & Analysis

We welcome project requests from corporate clients. Such requests can include research on the dynamics of industry sub-sectors and analysis of the impact of one or more government policies. We also welcome research requests from universities, government agencies at all levels and trade groups who need cutting-edge insights on the drivers, issues, and changes in US manufacturing.


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